Monday, January 25, 2016

Nyx Suede Liquid Lipstick softspoken on south asian skin

Hello lipstick addicts, This is a first impression review on the nyx suede lipsticks. I got them from for $7 plus shipping. It is a really good new site that ships internationally. Profit dedicated to an autistic children’s a few other things from there too. Reviews coming up soon. It is a liquid lipstick that dries to a matte finish. And it has a mousse like texture. And very very comfortable on the lips. It lasts long too if you don’t eat greasy food. br> I was wearing it for more than 5 hours and drank only a bit of water and it was still there in my lips. And i think the colour “softspoken” suits nicely to asian ladies. It’s a mauvy brown kind of colour. The applicator is a good one. Not a fan of the smell though.
Excited to try out the other colours from this range.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Secret Key Starting treatment eye cream Review

Hey guys,
Today’s review is about the SecretKey eye cream. Which i purchased from ebay for about $6 i think.
I’ve been using it for a couple of months now.
Here is what it claims to do.
1. It helps sensitive eye around skin to be elastic and revitalized.2. Providing plentiful moisture and creating moisture barrier over the face. Its long lasting moisturizing effect helps skin to be moist all the time.3. Double functioning eye cream, Whitening & Anti-wrinkle.4. Calming down irritated and exhausted skin around eyes.5. Stimulating ingredients are excluded. It is good to be applied on sensitive and weak skin.Volume30gHow to useRelease appropriate amount on the skin and smooth over it as massaging.
My Experience 
I’m 26 years old so i dont have many wrinkles around my eyes. So can’t really comment about the anti wrinkle effect.
But i have huge dark dracula like dark circles. i have been using this for over 2 months and i did not see any change in my under eye area.
Maybe because i have really bad under eyes i need to use this a little bit more to see a difference.
It does provide moisture and i do feel hydrated and smooth under my eyes.
It feels vey light weight and not greasy at all. It smells great too. Not too over powering.
Another plus point is that it does not have harsh chemicals in it.
Below is the ingredients list.

I think it is a good affordable eye cream. And it is made in Korea.
But i think you should not purchase it if you are only looking for an under eye removing cream.
Would love to hear your comments. Tell me some of your favourite eye creams as well.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lip monthly! Free delivery worldwide!

Hi beauty addicts.

I discovered Lip Monthly - a $12.95 month subscription service for your favourite Lip products! Every month you'll receive a unique bag of 4-5 items from awesome brands such as Stila, Revlon, Glam Natural, Appeal Cosmetics, Jesse's Girl Cosmetics and more.

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I subscribed for $5 first month and they deliver for free internationally.
How cool is that. I was looking around the whole internet for a subscription service that delivers worlwide. And this does. The first month for $5 and next month $12.95.
And you get over $50 worth products.
Can't wait till I get mine. Since i live in sri lanka I'm might not get it sooner than most of you guys. Will be doing a review once its here. :) :)