Thursday, November 19, 2015

Philosophy granny's apple pie review

Hello beauties,
Recently i purchased this 3 in 1 shampoo shower gel and bubble bath by philosophy from
It retails for $22 but i got it for $15.
I saw it has been released in 2013. And it's 2015 now which explains the discount.

Did i like it? No i didn't.
When i first opened it i was hit with a strong cinnamon  smell. It says apple pie but i didnt get a apple smell in it.  And the smell soon turned out to be fakish and artificial  when i leather it. And after my wash there was no lingering smell at all. Don't know if i should be happy about it or not. I usually like it if the smell lingers on me after my wash.  But in this case I'm glad it did not.
I don't know if i got a bad batch or if it's supposed to smell like this. Or maybe its past the expiration date. Lol!
I haven't  tried philosophy bath products before so I'm gonna try one more and see whether i should steer clear of this product.